Where should you open your next business?

Opening your own business is a huge milestone for many people, especially in this day and age where entrepreneurship and working for yourself has significantly increased. But having an idea and goal is only half of it, the other half is deciding If you want to open a traditional establishment or creating an e-commerce website.Continue reading “Where should you open your next business?”

Brand Building Vs Sale Activation

Which should you go for?… BOTH! When it comes to a business, both of these aspects are crucial to the success of your position in the market. Granted, you might focus more of your attention on one, but each should be a vital key point in your overall campaign strategy, specifically your budget split. SayContinue reading “Brand Building Vs Sale Activation”

Don’t make your data boring

You probably just landed that amazing account you wanted, you ran some tests, decided on a strategy and now it’s time to present your findings to the shareholders. A little intimidating right? Well yes, whenever we present information to our clients or shareholders it’s always going to get a little intimidating, you want to impressContinue reading “Don’t make your data boring”

Are you taking advantage of influencer marketing?

Understanding the world of social media marketing is very beneficial to your business in this day and age, but more importantly, having the right strategy is crucial! Having the correct strategy for your business goal when it comes to social media is highly recommended, as having a strategy can increase your reach, brand awareness, andContinue reading “Are you taking advantage of influencer marketing?”

Do you want to understand your audience? Understand your data then…

You probably just conducted your first market research, hats off to you! You are now that much closer to understanding your audience and adjusting your goods and services to their likings. One of the toughest parts of market research is now complete, but now what?… Now you have to analyze your data and figure outContinue reading “Do you want to understand your audience? Understand your data then…”

The importance of social media marketing and the future of your business!

In this day and age businesses all around the world are taking full advantage of social media platforms and social media marketing to grow their brands and maximize their reach through brand awareness. Yet, we still see some businesses that have not jumped on the social media train or worse, don’t believe social media isContinue reading “The importance of social media marketing and the future of your business!”

Native advertising in a world of ads!

Have you heard of native advertising? If not, here is the time to learn. In basic terms, native advertising is advertising you can place on your page without making it obvious to your audience. I know, sounds a little fishy, but hear me out! Ads can be placed all over your page if you’d likeContinue reading “Native advertising in a world of ads!”

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