Helem Milian

Digital marketing / Content creation

Hi, my name Is Helem Milian and I’m a freelance social media strategist and content creator based in Miami, Fl. For the past 6 years I have gotten to work with many cool and unique brands creating content, shooting, copywriting, strategizing, and managing social media accounts.

Growing up I always loved art, design, fashion, and photography, being creative was always something that came naturally to me. I’ve always had a very eclectic taste when it came to pretty much anything in my life, and so I knew from an early age how much creative freedom was a necessity for my career.  

While in college I decided to take on several internships with local brands in order to get some exposure in the creative world. Honestly, the best decision of my life! Through these internships, I managed to make amazing connections that landed me with the projects I am involved with to this day

Right now, I am focusing on creative content creation and copywriting to help brands reach their target audience through social media and digital marketing

I am here to help YOU create the content you NEED and the copy that brings it to life…

Plus add some style too!

Make sure to check out my portfolio and see what I’ve been working on!

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