Filters and you in Tableau

Gathering enough data to make strategic business decisions is only step 1 of the process, once you have gathered the data, it is important to know what to do and how to decode it and be useful to you or your managers.

Data can be broken down into multiple files, you could use excel, flat files, or even Tableau to record your info and create graphs and charts to making the processes easier to read for everyone involved.

In Tableau there are filters that you can use to basically “filter” out your data and see specific information. You might be a retail store and have a lot of data regarding size, styles, colors, gender, etc. in this case you might have all the data together in one sheet, but, you can use the filter option to essentially view only certain part of the data like only the shirts in a size small for women. This allows things to run more smoothly and lets your see only what you want to see to answer specific questions like “How many red women t-shirts are available in a size small”.

Having these filters makes your job easier and essentially provide you with answers to make important business decisions that much quicker.

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