Brand Responsibility

As a brand, you are oftentimes seen as an authority figure in your industry, especially as a top tier brand in that current market. Depending on your brand equity, consumers look to you as a viable source of trust, reputation, and experience in that particular industry. When this happens, many brands can use their brand equity to bring awareness to other causes or partner up with other brands in the same or different industry for a great cause.

A great cause could be being a powerhouse for a charity, a current social cause, or even to spread awareness on civil rights, social justice, etc. Brands can dedicate a certain portion of profits to an organization of choice, or they could donate a pair of shoes for every pair they sell like the brand’s Toms.

It’s a great strategic move to help your community and bring awareness to real ongoing issues, but just as it benefits your company’s reach, don’t forget it’s for a great cause much bigger than the brand as well.

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