Your brand is important

Should you focus on sales or branding? That’s the biggest question you’ll come across when starting your new business. I can confidently say it’s both! BUT I do believe branding is HUGE importance, and something I choose to put a lot of effort and emphasis on no matter the industry.

May times businesses are so eager to make sales they forget about one very important part, and that’s branding. Have you ever seen a product that was not all that great but received a lot of hype from its customers and sold out almost instantly? A lot of factors go into the success of that product, but a big portion comes from branding and marketing. Your product could be really great and useful to many but if no one can find your product via marketing or resonate with it aesthetically, it won’t do well in your market.

It’s not all about looks, your product has to be able to help customers and solve their problems but at the same time, customers want to fit into a specific social category when they choose to make a purchase, this is a key driving influence.

When it comes to branding you want to relate with your target audience as much as possible, your branding when it comes to images, communication, tone of voice, designs, etc., should all be consistent. Consistency is key in branding; this is because you need to be able to create a brand your audience can pick out in a room without knowing it is yours. When your increase brand awareness your brand equity also increases, and your sales will follow along as well.

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