Don’t make your data boring

You probably just landed that amazing account you wanted, you ran some tests, decided on a strategy and now it’s time to present your findings to the shareholders. A little intimidating right? Well yes, whenever we present information to our clients or shareholders it’s always going to get a little intimidating, you want to impress them and show them how hard you worked, plus, you want to show them you get results! 

If you worked hard, put in the time, and gave it your all you probably gathered some very impressive information that would impress your client or your boss. BUT, in like every presentation your main goal is to answer a question for your client or boss, for example, shareholders. 

Someone in that meeting room is waiting for YOU to hand over a specific result so that they can make a decision on that project. Meetings can be a few minutes long or could run a few hours, no one has time to see exhausting amounts of data slides, graphs, charts, and filler information before the big question is answered. I know, it’s a little brutal, but it’s the truth. 

So, what do you do?

Make your presentation exciting to watch! Storytelling is crucial in the business world, and chances are you’ve probably have done it at some point even in your daily personal life. Important information, graphs, and crucial findings are needed and the basis of any presentation, but you also need to guide your audience through the presentation in a way that paints a picture for the results they are waiting to hear. This will engage your audience more and capture their attention while you can also explain things in a more colorful, vibrant, and educational way. 

Go over your presentation before the big day and make sure to keep it fun, short, simple, and right to the point. It will be an overall successful meeting in the end!

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