Are you taking advantage of influencer marketing?

Understanding the world of social media marketing is very beneficial to your business in this day and age, but more importantly, having the right strategy is crucial! Having the correct strategy for your business goal when it comes to social media is highly recommended, as having a strategy can increase your reach, brand awareness, and overall communication within your business and audience. 

Choosing the correct strategy

No two businesses and brands are alike, which is why the strategy for a restaurant can be very different from that of a clothing boutique. Choosing the strategy that is right for you will allow you to be efficient, effective, and set you up as an authority within your industry. There are a lot of different strategies to choose from, but one that is skyrocketing right now is influencer marketing, but not just any influencer marketing, I am talking micro influencer marketing! Micro-influencers have taken control over social media these past couple of years, and many businesses are making the switch from big-time IG and YouTube influencers for the smaller brands with a following of 10k-25k.

Why Micro-influencers?

At first, I didn’t get it either, but then I started looking at the numbers, interacting with smaller accounts as well as bigger accounts and that’s when things clicked! From an analytical perspective, bigger accounts with millions of followers have high reach but their engagement is usually the opposite, whereas smaller accounts have lower reach but much HIGHER engagement. And what is it that brands look for when partnering up with influencers? ENGAGEMENT! If engagement is low, chances are your audience is not responding to your message. Brands need engagement because that is where conversion thrives. 

Now if you think of it from a realistic standpoint it makes sense that accounts with huge followings would have lower engagement, that’s because their audience is so wide, they can have time to engage with everyone. Micro-influencers may have a smaller audience, but their niche is so concentrated they can easily communicate with their followers and come off as a more relatable friend than that of a celebrity or an “IG model”. 

In conclusion 

More factors come to play here but in laymen’s terms, smaller accounts have more control over their audience than bigger accounts, they are also way cheaper, and this allows brands to allocate their influencer budget among multiple influencers, not just one. This is a huge plus as well! So do your research, find some amazing micro-influencer accounts that resonate with your brand, and start partnering up! 

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