Native advertising in a world of ads!

Have you heard of native advertising? If not, here is the time to learn. In basic terms, native advertising is advertising you can place on your page without making it obvious to your audience. I know, sounds a little fishy, but hear me out! Ads can be placed all over your page if you’d like but adding just any type of ad can really destroy your credibility and simply make your page look spammy. No one wants to land on a page full of advertisements that have nothing to do with the content they are looking for, plus it can also lag the page and making users want to leave after a few seconds.

This is where native ads shine because native ads are so similar to your page content, the traffic you bring to your page won’t even realize that what they are looking at is an ad. They might just think it’s part of your website. Visually speaking, native ads match the visual aesthetic of your page. The look, feel and content are ultimately the same! Another reason why native ads won’t appear like regular ads to your audience is because they need to function and perform like the rest of the content on your page. The user experience cannot be compromised with native ads, they must function just like the natural content on your page.  

If you have your blog page, it would be smart to get paid for a couple of native ads that can resemble the content you originally make. Aside from getting paid to position ads on your page, you can also acquire content, and that’s exactly what any blogger would want. Fresh new content!

Now get out there and publish your first native ad!

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