To survey or not to survey?

When you think about surveys you are probably thinking “omg I don’t have time for this!” or if you are the one having to write the survey you are probably thinking “What is the point, it’s just a survey!”. Well, surveys are very important, especially if you are the one conducting them for your business or for your marketing research. Surveys are important because they give us an inside look at our audience and how they feel about our products before or after they try them.

Surveys can offer insights on brand awareness, familiarity, functionality, satisfaction, and how likely the customer is to repurchase your product or recommending it to friends and family. Not only are insights like these mentioned above super important, but also insights on things that could be improved. As a business owner, you could be biased to your own product or service, which means you might not be the best person to rule out any possible problems with your product. Surveys are a great way for customers to give you feedback on things they don’t like, things they do like, and what they feel could be improved so that your brand continues to grow a become more valuable in the eyes of your consumers.

Communication and feedback in business are key, and there is no better feedback than the one your consumers provide you with!

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