The Fit Experiment

The Fit Experiment

When it comes to business, you NEED to conduct some type of marketing experiment to learn more about your audience, your products, and services to make informative decisions that could potentially lead to higher sales and profits.

I work with many brands and companies in different industries, right now, I am working with a fitness influencer whose main objective is to sell workout and diet programs via social media and her website. Since her business is all mainly done online, we were not affected too much by COVID-19, BUT that’s because clients purchased her program before the severity of the pandemic. Her workout and diet programs are open for sign-ups every two months and treated like challenges to get girls motivated. Here is where the problem is, right now we are in the middle of a challenge, sales were made due to sign-ups in February but what is going to happen to sales for the next challenge that starts in May? We have no idea, COVID-19 may not affect the online business directly, but it is affecting the food industry and local businesses, like gyms, that’s right, without a gym how will our clients be able to use the workout guides to work out?

This is where marketing experimentation comes into play since we cannot predict how long our situation will last, we can find out who is more likely to continue to purchase challenges during these times, and that’s where surveys come in.

I designed a survey for my client so she can share with all her clients and NEW clients to get insight on what we could do as a company to help girls feel confident in purchasing a workout and diet plan during the quarantine.

And let me tell you, our findings were very interesting and beneficial to our strategy going forward! Many clients wanted to see a home workout version so they can work out at home since all gyms were closed, they also wanted to see more basic food ingredients and substitutions since a lot of local markets were running out of certain things, and they wanted to also see workouts that included less equipment and more bodyweight to compensate for lack of facility and equipment.

All this information was gold, and without it we would have probably kept selling the same guides without and tweaks, leaving us with very low sales. Having this information has given us brand new ideas and a path to start creating new and effective strategies that will help our clients and ultimately guarantee higher sales during this pandemic.

Market research is highly important and I encourage you to always conduct performance analysis and consumer experimentations to help you decide what your next move is. This could make or break a company, don’t let it break yours!

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