Where do you land on landing pages?

Do you use landing pages? And if not, why not? Landing pages are not just fun to make but are very important to your business and your marketing strategy when first launching a new product or service. Think of landing pages like a controlled and guided extension to your main website. Your main website is very important in the sense that it contains all your company’s information, products, services, and contacts, BUT your landing page is a very detailed and tightly focused page for one specific product or service.

Real-world uncertainties

Right now there is a universal pandemic going on regarding COVID-19, because of this a lot of businesses have had to close shop due to the safety of the population and preventing the spread of the virus. The protocol in the US as well as in many countries is to keep everyone indoors as a state of emergency. Due to these city-wide lockdowns stores, restaurants, gyms, malls, shopping centers, etc. are closing which is damaging the business livelihood for the next couple of weeks. The future is very uncertain at this point and many businesses around the globe are suffering because of the shutdowns. While these shutdowns and lockdowns are performed for the greater good of civilians business owners must find new ways to keep their business running smartly and effectively. This is where digital marketing becomes key and can save the business from going under within the next few weeks.

I am aware that some business needs the face to face interaction due to the nature of their services, and for those, these marketing practices may not all be the solution, but for the ones that can survive online listen up!

Putting digital marketing to work

During this time, I’ve gotten to work with a couple of clients helping them set up an online presence to maximize sales for the time being.

One of my clients is a personal trainer, and her main objective is to help train women one on one to get in shape and lead a healthier and sustainable overall lifestyle. Before the COVID-19 situation, she would couch these women face to face at the gym since social distancing became a huge motivating factor in stopping the spread of the virus, my client feared she would lose her clients and her main source of income.

In coming up with ideas to diminishing casualties we decided to create home workout guides that women would be able to use during this “stay at home” situation. We would also provide meal plans so they could stay consistent and create a healthy nutritional plan.

We decided to set up a landing page so it would be easy to guide potential customers and existing clients to the workout program without them getting lost in her original website and create more sales.

This worked perfectly and we were able to pick up sales and reduce the loss of income that was expected from not being able to train one on one.

This is just one example of how digital marketing and landing pages could help you and your business grow to new heights as well as come up with alternative routes that can save you from life uncertainties.

If you have a product or a service test out launching it first with a landing page and see how much direct traffic you get all while minimizing exploration through your regular website

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