Anti-social in a social media world?

Social media has become the epitome of the digital age within the last couple of years and has changed the game of marketing for all those involved. Right now, if you don’t have a social media account as a business owner, you might as well close shop because no one will be able to find you, at least that is what we can predict regarding social media user patterns. Many new businesses understand the importance of social media, and it is usually because these new businesses are startups` run by millennials who live, breathe, and eat social media, they were raised in this era. For those of you who weren’t, I have a few pointers! 

While every business in my opinion needs social media to increase brand awareness and keep up with consumer trends, I am very aware that many old businesses are the ones suffering the most. I say they suffer the most because older businesses usually are the ones that started their companies before social media became a thing, they were here when TV advertisement was the BIGGEST thing. Good news, anyone can start using social media for branding and business purposes! There is a huge opportunity when it comes to social media and how accessible businesses can become by just joining even one social platform. 

The world of social media has enough room to accommodate new users and new businesses who want to become a part of it. Social media is increasing like crazy and has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Everyday more and more users have decided to turn to IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok etc… and guess what? Those are all new and potential customers you could be targeting if you decided to let your business join in on the fun. Not to mention all the great benefits that social media can bring to both new and old brands no matter the industry. 

Social media is a great way for new brands to build brand awareness, (just like this great article from LYFE Marketing states) get their names out there and reach their target audience. This is also amazing for older brands who could use some rebranding, gain new audiences, and interact with their customers on a more personal and engaging manner. Older businesses in my experience might feel a little reluctant to social media, and mainly because they don’t understand it, which is why I am here, to help you navigate the new waters and get you safely on shore with the rest of the world, ha!  

If you think about it, what is the first thing you do when you find a cool new place to eat at or visit? Probably check out their IG to see if it’s worth going right? That’s exactly how most users act on a day to day basis. IG has become a yelp sight, especially for restaurants, hotels, and any service-based industry. If you require widening your market, social media could be a great start.

Customers purchase with emotion, and allowing their emotions get in the way of their decisions. If you look at any of your favorite brands you would probably buy anything they sell because you feel like that brand is worth it, because you are convinced that they can’t sell anything bad or not worth buying, to you they are the best brand, and that is brand loyalty. Social media is a great way to increase brand loyalty and showcase your audience with your service and products, it is also a good and easy way for those customers to share your products with their friends and prospected clients. Sharing is a huge plus in social media, also, becoming more discoverable!

Not to mention how creative you can get with social media, this is your chance to show the world your unique style, brand, and tone with content, visuals and copywriting.

At the end of the day, you may think social media is only used for vanity reasons or because it’s the “cool” thing to do nowadays, but in reality the ones that can benefit the most from it are business owners and brands trying to set themselves apart from the competition. Social media ads, content creation, networking, and engaging with your audience will continue to drive brand awareness which is what you want.

And if you are a little anti-social for the socials, just know it’s my job to make you sociably available!

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