What are your intentions with me?

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, there is always an intention in communication. You might not always know what that intention is, but there should be one in order to be able to send and receive the correct information.

Basically, to get your point across, or decode the message someone is trying to send you.

Communication is extremely important in any situation, it’s a way of interaction, a sense of community, and a way of expression

And due to high technological advances, our streams of communication have opened up even wider, allowing us to further expand our reach

When it comes to business, I believe communication is key to the success of a business. Being able to fully understand this is what can make or break your company

Take for example your favorite clothing store, their objective is to sell, but in order to sell, you need to understand your customer and their needs.

This can be done by communicating with your customer if you are a storefront or by analyzing buyer patterns, building dialogue through online customer service, or community management in an online store

If you are dealing with a face to face customer you want to create intentional communication that allows you to listen to what they need, what they want, and then direct them to a solution.

Their need could be a dress for a wedding reception and your solution could be the new navy-blue cocktail dress your store is trying to promote

Here, you answered with an intention (to sell the new navy-blue dress that is being promoted)

And you also decoded her message as she intended it. She needed something wedding appropriate and you were able to execute the correct solution

If the customer liked your suggestion, then the customer is happy, and you just made a sale

But you could have also misheard and given her a dress more appropriate for a night out partying

The customer could have not liked your choice, decided this store does not cater to her particular need and leave, costing you a sale even though you probably did have the type of dress style she needed

Communication is a two-way street, and understanding that is the first step to becoming a good business owner!

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