In elements we trust!

In marketing, we always want to connect with our audience. Let it be by image, sound, verbal, or no-verbal, we are always trying to reach our audience in new and creative ways. One way we can achieve this is by using elements in what we bring to our audiences.

 Take for example a promotional flyer (static image) or a 30-second commercial (video image) these are all fun and creative ways to show off the brand and inform consumers about new products or new promotional sales happening with the brand. Everyone paints their own image of a brand in their minds, but it is up to marketers to make those images and attitudes towards the brands as positive as possible. Elements allow to connect the content message with perception by targeting mood and all the sences. Visual elements can also help make that final persuation to nudge consumers in the purchasing direction.

 Marketers can achieve this Is by using different elements to help guide consumers into the direction they want, as humans we all perceive things differently, and different sounds, colors, typography, visual effects, texture, and even mood can be captured differently among groups of people.

I’ve been seeing a lot of cool and creative commercials lately, and it amazes me how realistic they are becoming. Marketers have been able to incorporate both static design elements and video design elements into a 30-second clip, mind-blowing!

I was watching a Doritos commercial the other day, and let me tell you, I thought I could SMELL the actual Doritos, and the cheese through my computer! That’s the power of elements! Smell, touch, and visualization is a way to connect with anyone, and if you could incorporate that into a campaign then you will have no problem connecting with your audience and having them engage with your product. This is also beneficial to recognition with your brand. One thing we don’t want our customers and potential customers to do is to forget about our brand’s name and logo!

Building those connections and that mental recognition is what differentiates a good brand with an iconic brand!

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